Notting Hill Renovations

Extra Room carry out an external decoration to this impressive West London home located in Notting Hill every 4 years, by doing this we save our client the expense of a major renovation work because the property never falls into disrepair instead it is just maintained.

The masonry work is prepared and any filling that is needed is filled with a Troupet filler which is cement based, the windows are always sanded back to allow for a key for the top coats, and any bare wood is spot primed with an oil based primer.

It may seem excessive to carry out an external redecoration with this frequency but it really does save money in the long run and keeps this period home looking its best within its precious surroundings.


Extra Room have maintained and carried out works for over 10 years at this property located in Notting Hill, West London...


— Mrs Hendrickson


— 2013

Project Type

  • Exterior Decoration

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