Garden Room Types
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Garden Room Types

Extra Room are Garden Room specialists! Whether you need an office, gym or playroom we can help you venture into your outer space!

Whether you are looking to work, rest, exercise or play, a garden room is an excellent way to create extra space for you and your family. Here we would like to offer you some options for the types of garden rooms available:

Garden Office

If you are looking to work from home, an office garden room is a great way to create space away from the noise and interruption of family life. A 3m x 3m cubed structure can be supplied, which is modern and stylish. Fully clad in high quality western red cedar timber, the rich warm brown, red and pink colours and the texture gives any building a touch of individuality. Western red cedar is a most desired external timber, resistant to rot and decay; it requires no additional chemical preservations.

Garden Lodge

Perhaps you are looking to create space for your teenagers, a music studio or a study, a garden room lodge can be utilised all year round. A traditional roof designed garden structure, supplied with an apex roof and western red cedar shingles tiles. Most standard garden room lodges are fitted with a double opening patio door section, two fixed glass window panels and a picture opening window.

Garden Gym

A garden room gym is an incredibly convenient way to keep in shape without having to leave home. No need to commute to the gym or work to fitness centre opening times, just step out and into your own private gym at any time of the day. Fitted with aluminium frames and double glazing, a garden room gym is designed for comfort whether its summer or winter. With a roof finished with vinyl or aluminium skins and high-tech paints, which require skilled application by our professional tradesmen.

Garden Playroom

Looking for somewhere safe and secure for your children to play? What better way than a garden room playroom. Built for any age group with soft finishing on edges for safety and integrated storage systems. With exterior western red cedar timber cladding, this structure will compliment most environments and is 100% maintenance free.

Need more information?

Of course while the above options are the most popular uses for garden rooms there are many others including studios, work spaces for therapy and a huge range of others, if you'd like more information or to arrange a free consultation please contact us to book an appointment at a time that is suitable for you, we are happy to visit clients outside of office hours.

Design and build loft conversion

Design and build loft conversion

Expert Tip - Roof Choices

"A popular feature of garden room design is a green roof, but there are periods of the year when they look better than others. Artificial green roofs are becoming increasingly popular thanks to minimal maintenance requirements and a flawless appearance all year round."

Why Choose Extra Room?

Our Staff

This is exactly what it means; our staff are the only people who are involved in your project. Extra Room Ltd does not sub-contract your project out to other contractors.

All operatives are employed by Extra Room Ltd we are always contactable by phone and email to deal with any queries or questions that may arise. All of our operatives have an Extra Room Ltd uniform and identification badge so that they are instantly recognisable.

Site Rules

We have very strict guide lines for all projects, all staff must wear the Extra Room Ltd uniform and personal protection whilst at work i.e. boots, high visibility jackets and safety helmets where necessary.

There is a no smoking policy at work and where possible we will provide a discrete portable toilet facility so that your home stays your home with no intrusion. No radios are to be played on your project. We understand that whilst your project is being completed this should not intrude upon your neighbours who are already being submitted to the noise of building works.


Extra Room Ltd provides a full time Project Manager who will be involved from the very start of the project until completion, he will provide all certificates and completion certificates which will then be held in a project file and presented to you at the end. They will also ensure that all site rules are followed and report directly to the Director of the company.

Unrivalled Guarantee

All structural works come with a 10 year no quibble guarantee, of which upon completion of your project you will receive a certificate of guarantee. All other works i.e. plumbing and electrics will come with a standard 2 year guarantee.

No Hidden Costs

Once we have surveyed your project, a quotation with a complete breakdown of costs will be presented to you. This break down will be individually priced so that you can clearly see where your budget will be spent and if at any time you would like to remove an item you will instantly know what the saving will be.

In the event that you decide that you would like to add additional works, these additions will be separately quoted and an instruction sheet issued that yourself and the Project Manager will both sign so that there is no hidden costs and you are in control of your budget at all times.

Peace of Mind

Before any works commence, Extra Room Ltd will provide you with a break down sheet of all the works to be completed within your project. This includes an empty box at the end of the description, yourself and the Project Manager will go through this sheet and check that you are completely satisfied with the completed works and then tick the box together. At this point you will only have ever paid for works that are fully completed and you will not be asked to pay any monies upfront or before the works are complete.

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