Don't Move Out, Simply Maximise!

This guide will help you to maximise the potential of your home, enabling you to enjoy the same place with different space...

Market Research:

The best place to start when deciding whether to relocate or extend your home is to carry out market research to ascertain how much it would cost to move to a larger home. You can then set this as a point of reference against extensions and improvements you have planned. Seek advice with local Estate Agents to establish the value of your current home and expected value post-alterations. This will provide you with valuable information with regards to setting budgets for the works.

Sourcing Ideas:

Ideas for your chosen improvement can be sourced locally, if you have neighbours in similar homes that have already made improvements. Perhaps ask to take a look and enquire of the costs and implications. Making the most of your allotted space is the key to gaining the full potential of your home. Consider loft extension, wet rooms, paddle ladders and mezzanine levels for maximising on small foot prints.

Loft Bathroom

Planning Permission:

Any prospective alterations to your home should be advised to your local planning authority who will advise on permission if required, even if you do not need planning permission and any alterations will be required to conform to modern building regulations. Planning implications can vary tremendously when applied to listed buildings or conservation areas and these will require substantial consideration with regards to committed development and cost implications.

Quantify Your Costs:

It is always a good idea to allow a 10% contingency when planning home improvements, as works can often take longer and cost more than anticipated. The use of a Quantity Surveyor is always a good idea as they will be trained to cost works and anticipate any potential hurdles.

Loft Bathroom

Call in the Experts:

While you will want to keep costs low, sometimes it is actually more cost effective to call in the experts. Extra Room Ltd has the workforce and the experience to complete your project quickly and to a high standard.

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